Target Credit Card

Target has always had its way of staying afloat just when most people think that it has finally had its last sale. Then they came out with their Target Credit Card and really made people have to think twice about the staying power of the Target stores. They have really put a lot of effort into making sure that their stores have nice quality clothing, electronics, and kitchen wares to keep everyone coming back to see what's new. Their prices have always been competitive, so their Target Credit Card helps to make their sales that much more interesting.  Using your Target Credit Card can get you a 5% off on everything you are purchasing every single time. That's not a bad start for those who look to save any penny to add up to a dollar.

Their Target Credit Card is limited to only in-store use but it seems that this card is beating out so many rebates. The frequency of the discounts given when people use their Target Credit Cards is the biggest attention getter. When people walk into their stores with their Target Credit Card there is a level of excitement for those who love saving money as they approach the sales papers in the front of the store for that day. With rebates they are usually giving a cash back of three or four percent that you would have to wait on after the accounting period is over. With the Target Credit Card it is an instant 5% saved right away at the checkout counter.

The only area where you aren't allowed to get the 5% is when it comes to their pharmacy area. There have been some complaints surrounding that, however Target stands its ground for now at least. What they have provided though for those who will present their cards at the time of filling prescriptions is a 5% coupon. You would get the 5% coupon only after you have filled five prescriptions using your Target Credit Card. Even then, the 5% cannot be used towards any pharmacy related purchases.

A few of their other features with the card that people love are as follows:

  • Direct Debit Features: They allow for you to debit the amounts needed to pay your Direct Debit Features account directly from your checking account.
  • Free Shipping From
  • No Annual Fee: Everyone loves when a card has no annual fee, right?
  • No Credit Check: People love this because they all want to feel as though they are part of the card holder experience without being worried about their credit scores.

Target has really been around so long it's a wonder that they haven't been bought out or simply shut down. There have been very many other retailers of this same kind that have come and gone since Target has been on the scene. With Target being able to continue going this strong even with fewer stores is really an amazing thing. They are proving to other retailers that they can stick around and have their Target Credit Card for as long as they like.